Why "It’s Just Bad Timing" Is Always a Lie When It Comes to Dating

I met my ex boyfriend many years ago in Australia, three weeks before his Australian visa ran out. He was British and I was Australian, and at the time I was in Law School. It took us those three weeks to fall madly in love, all the while knowing that he would inevitably have to leave, and we would both have to return to our regular lives without each other. Everything about the situation screamed “bad timing.”

But it’s rare to connect with someone, and rarer still to fall in love, so we decided not to let a little thing like bad timing— the fact that we lived oceans apart, that I had yet to finish school, and that we were both super poor— hamper our relationship. After four months of long distance, I deferred uni (as we call it down under) and moved to London. We spent two incredibly happy years together.
Being that he’s my ex-boyfriend now, the distance eventually overcame us. I didn’t want to stay in London (seriously, that place is horrible) and he didn’t want to go back to Australia. I have been asked if I have any regrets, and I don’t. I’m glad we gave it our best shot, and I’m not sorry about any of it.
And yet, there have been times when I’ve used bad timing as an excuse. I’ve used it on guys who have lived a block away, when I’ve had all the time and freedom in the world. Because that’s all bad timing is really: an excuse. If work is extra busy, you’ve got friends visiting from out of town, or you’re just feeling like a bit of a hermit, “bad timing” is a great way to soften the blow of saying “Actually, I just don’t like you enough to try to fit you in.”
Tom, a 30-year-old social media professional, used bad timing as an excuse after a traumatic break up, “I was pretty wounded in the wake of the break-up, so it would have been difficult to be a caring and thoughtful partner to another woman during those times,” he says. “But [saying there was bad timing] felt like a simpler, more humane way to break things off, even if it wasn’t the whole truth. It’s not always necessary to be brutally honest with people, especially if you don’t plan on having any meaningful contact with them going forward.”
But Tom’s also been on the receiving end of the “bad timing” excuse too, “It was mostly frustrating, because I got the sense they didn’t like me for other reasons and were just saying that cause it felt simpler and more humane,” he says. “In other words, they were doing what I had done, and turns out it’s not as humane as I had come to think.”
Janice, a 22-year-old student, is also a victim of the excuse, where the guy she was seeing used “bad timing” as a euphemism for “I’ve got a girlfriend.” She didn’t take it well. She and this cheater had used “bad timing” as an actual excuse over their four years of friendship, but the final “bad timing” was the one that was a lie. “I guess it was a convenient excuse for him,” she says. “I don’t even know if I really like him that much or I just like the idea that he’s technically unattainable.”
This is why it is always a lie, because timing can be circumvented. It’s my true and honest belief that when you fall for someone, no matter how fast it feels, you will do anything, come hell or high water, to make a relationship with that person work.
Tom told me the woman he is currently dating attempted to use the “bad timing” excuse on him, but he pursued her anyway. “By sheer coincidence I ran into her on the subway a couple hours after she blew me off and convinced her to have drinks me with a week later. I ignored her excuse because I felt like I had met someone truly special,” he says. “Several months after she left me she came back, apologized and said she was ready. I forgave her and took her back, and since then things have been really wonderful.”

—Written by Kat George for HowAboutWe

There's No Such Thing as Too Many Single Men, Except in These Places You Should Move to Immediately

And now, your weekend update of places to consider moving because they're filled with single men...

OK, maybe you wouldn't actually relocate for your love life, but it never hurts to keep informed about where the latest man-surges are. This week, I've seen two discussions about places in the U.S. that are overloaded on men, a.k.a., dream worlds. Let's take a look at where they are, and the pros and cons of immediately packing up and moving there.

1. Rural Midwestern Towns: Evidently new census data shows that in small towns in rural areas of Kansas and Nebraska, the proportion of young men is increasing more quickly than that of young women--in some of the smallest communities,i the ratio of men to women increased by as much as 200 percent! Evidently, the rural communities don't provide the same opportunities to women when it comes to traditionally male jobs like agriculture.
Pros: Great if you aren't a city person. I am, but I know a lot of women who aren't.
Cons: Pre-dawn rise times. Nothing wrong with working in agriculture, but as a woman who grew up with lots of farming family members, that schedule is not on my list of pluses for a job.

Pro: Low cost of living, I assume. Certainly at least compared to NYC, anyway.
Con: People always making jokes about living in a flyover state. Take it from a native Ohio girl, you get sick of "So…what else is there besides corn?" comments.

2. Seattle. Not to be outdone by its fellow Western, tech-centric city San Francisco, where dating companies are literally flying women out there to correct the imbalance, Seattle resident and writer Jeff Reifman recently crunched the numbers to determine that Seattle has a serious man overload. He claims that part of the reason is the effect of the large presence of Amazon, which hires a tons of people, most of whom are dudes.
Pro: It's raining men.
Con: It's also just raining, like all the time.

Pro: You'll always be perfectly caffeinated.
Con: Living in a city where one of the major employers has a gender distribution that's 75 percent male, can a girl even get a job to need coffee for? Ugh.

Well, nowhere's perfect, right?

7 Reasons It Is Time to Cut Down on Movie Remakes

Many people are getting fed up with all the movie remakes coming out these days. Most of these new versions of existing films seem absolutely pointless and rarely improve upon the original. Remakes usually find an audience among those people who haven’t seen original movies or who don’t like watching old movies. That’s one of the major reasons why studios keep making remakes. Another reason is that there is no need to look for new ideas. Check out a few another reasons why it’s time to stop movie remakes and start making original movies instead.

1. Have new ideas in the cinema

When studios spend so much money on movie remakes, there’s nothing left to fund innovative and original filmmaking. There’s a place for those popcorn movies, of course, but why cannot they have some originality, rather than simply be remakes? I think it’s high time to make way for some new ideas!

2. Remakes are unimaginative

One of the main problems with remakes is that they’re absolutely unimaginative. In many cases remakes add little to the original version. Only a few can succeed in adding a new slant or even improving on the original, but usually it’s just pointless filmmaking.

3. Increase the opportunities for new writers

With movie remakes filling up the market these days, it’s extremely difficult for new writers to get producers to look at their scripts. But if any new ideas are encouraged, it will create a chance for many new writers with the original ideas and viewers will see something absolutely different!

4. Remakes are just pale imitations

A remake is simply a pale imitation of the original movie. Let think about the remake of “Psycho.” It’s impossible to improve on Norman Bates portrayed by Anthony Perkins or the Hitchcock original, right?

5. People are tired of remakes

It gets so monotonous watching yet another version of much-filmed story, isn’t it? There are so many adaptations of classic novels, such as Jane Eyre, Great Expectations and Wuthering Heights, that people are just tired of movie remakes.

6. Technology

As movie technology is advancing so fast, some existing movies are remade with even better effects. But mostly they end up being nothing more than a showcase for CGI. For instance, the recent version of Clash of the Titans could not compare to Ray Harryhausen’s work.

7. Copying foreign language films

It’s one of those movie remake trends that I find the most annoying. Today Hollywood tends to take good foreign movies and turn them into vastly inferior English-language versions. I try watching movies in the original language. With subtitles, it’s not so difficult!

Personally I prefer to watch something new. And what do you think of movie remakes? Share your thoughts, please!

Beauty Hack: How to Create a Chic Hair-Dryer Storage Bag

Erase "hairdryer wrangling" from your morning routine—we've got the simples storage solution for your favorite hair tool that just also just happens to be adorable. Here's how to create a cute customized hotel-style hair-dryer bag in just a few easy steps:

Step 1) Assemble the following:

*Iron-on transfer paper for dark T-shirts that works for your home printer (like this kind for Ink Jet).

*A file of a graphic you love—or use our very own On a Bad Hair Day, There's Always Lipstick iron-on here!

*A blank tote bag a la this simple Darice Canvas Tote

*An iron


Tip: Make sure you have a full ink cartridge before starting this project!

Step 2) After printing out the design on the transfer paper and cutting it out along the border, peel the backing off the paper and follow the specific instructions included in the particular pack you pick to iron the image onto the bag. 
Tip: Make sure there's no water in your iron!

Step 3) Tuck your hair-dryer inside and hang by your "getting ready" mirror. 

8 Ways to Organize Your Pet

We all love our pets, but they can be a bit of a hassle at times. Between the spilled kitty litter and all the chew toys scattered throughout the house, it can be enough to get on your last nerve.  However, it’s easy to manage a disorderly pet situation if you know a few tricks.  Here are eight simple ways to organize your pet:

1. Designate a separate space for your pet

If you have a cluttered cat or a messy mutt, creating a distinct area for him or her is the first step in getting things under control.  If you have an animal that lives indoors, you might consider giving him or her a section near the back door of your home.  A corner of your laundry room is also a good option.  For those with outdoor pets, a small spot in the garage or on the back porch will work.  Just make sure the area is covered so that your pet’s food and toys will be protected from rain and snow.  You can put your animals wherever is most convenient for you, but it is crucial that you provide a unique area that they can make their own.

2. Label everything

Now that you have a separate space for your pet, you can work on actually organizing his or her supplies.  Labeling can be a great tool to help you do that.  Label any storage bins or tubs that you might be using for things like food, treats, medicine, cat litter, puppy pads and anything else you may use regularly.  By putting a label on each container, you won’t have to go digging every time you need to find something for your pet.  This is a great time-saving tip that will help you keep everything in order in your home.

3. Out with the old and in with the new

About once a month, it’s a good idea to take stock of what supplies you have on hand for your pet.  Examine the date on bags of food as well as any packages of treats, catnip or dog bones.  If anything has expired, throw it out and put the item on your shopping list.  You should also check on the condition of all your pet’s toys.  If the stuffing is coming out of your dog’s favorite chew toy and your cat’s feather wand is broken, it’s time to toss them.  Those objects will be easy to replace during your next trip to the pet store.

4. Create a pet toy box

Speaking of toys, creating a pet toy box is another fantastic way to keep your pet organized.  If you have a particularly active pet, this will give you easy access to any tennis balls, Frisbees or wind-up mice your furry friend loves to play with.  Just open the box and instantly grab anything your pet might want.  When playtime is over, simply drop the toys back in the box and they’ll be waiting for you the next day.  This means no more searching through the house for Mr. Squeakers!

5. Hang up pegs for your pet

If you’re always losing your pet’s leashes and collars, installing some pegs on your wall can be a handy solution.  You can hang pegs near your entryway as well as the back door of your home.  You may already have some hanging for your human family members.  If that’s the case, you might want to use one or two of those pegs for your pet.  In addition to the aforementioned leashes and collars, pegs are perfect for harnesses, coats, vests and other clothing you typically use for your pet.

6. Make a bathroom caddy for your pet

While some people choose to take their pets to a professional groomer, many pet owners opt to bathe and brush their animals at home. To make bath time a bit easier, you should place all your pet’s soaps, shampoos, combs, brushes and towels in one container.  Waterproof buckets are nice options since they typically have handles that make them quick to grab.  Plus, they can easily be wiped down and dried off, just like your pet.  Once your pet is clean and spiffy, replace all your caddy’s necessary supplies so you’ll be ready the next time he or she is in need of a good cleaning.

7. Create a folder for any pet paperwork

If you have children, you probably already have a folder that contains important information like medical records and babysitter phone numbers.  Pets need their own folders as well.  Make one specifically for your pet to give you easy access to phone numbers for your veterinarian, groomer, kennel, favorite pet stores and more.  You should also place your pet’s medical information in his or her folder.  That way you’ll have everything at a glance in case of emergencies.

8. Maintain your pet’s space

Once you have your pet’s space organized, you have to be willing to maintain it.  Don’t slip back into your old habit of leaving your pet’s stuff strewn all over the place.  Stay on top of things so you don’t let your pet take over the entire house!

Pets are an important part of our families.  However, it can be a bit of a challenge to keep all of their supplies in order.  By using these simple tips, you can keep your pet organized so that everyone in your household is happy! How do you organize your pet?